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Billy Idol

Submitted By: Daniela
Posted Date: August 22, 2013
Last Updated: August 22, 2013
Billy Idol
Claim to fame: Billy Idol’s hits like “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell” were the rock anthems of the 80’s. There wasn’t a radio station or music television network that didn’t obsessively play his many hit songs. Billy was born William Michael Albert Broad in Middlesex County, England. He became an increasingly devoted ‘Sex Pistols’ fan and credits them along with legends like ‘Elvis Presley’ ,and ‘The Beatles’ as inspirations for his music. In 1977 he co-founded the band Generation X, the band reached some success in the UK. It wasn’t until 1981 when Idol moved to New York City and began his solo career that big things began to happen for him. MTV was marketing the term "Second British Invasion" which helped Idol become an MTV staple with songs like "White Wedding" and "Dancing with Myself” they played constantly on MTV for several months. His fame began to fade in the late 80's but thanks to the 1998 movie 'Wedding Singer' which showcased Idols hits he became known to an entire new audience.
Billy Idol
Where are they now? Since then Idol has continued to successfully tour, catering to a large fan base. His concerts have been said to be just as energetic and lively as the ones in the 80's. Idol is a father of two and currently resides in Los Angeles California.
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DarkSeraph said:
December 2, 2017 9:59 PM
Billy Idol performed a few songs during the pre-game festivities at the NHL Winter Classic in Washington, DC, between the Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks, on January 1, 2015.
A Billy Idol Fan said:
November 7, 2019 3:47 AM
Do you think Mr. Idol dyes his pubic hair blond? Do you think Billy dyes his snatch to match?
Thank you.
Billy Idol said:
November 7, 2019 3:49 AM
Where’s me bangers and mash, mate?
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