Whatever Happened To: Princess Leia
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Carrie Fisher


Princess Leia

Category: Show Biz
Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: December 4, 2004
Last Updated: November 3, 2014
Princess Leia
Claim to fame: Carrie Fisher is best known as Princess Leia from the hit movie Star Wars. It may seem like she had it all, however Fisher's childhood was not perfect. Her father, Eddie Fisher left her mother Debbie Reynold for Elizabeth Taylor back in 1959, when she was only three years old. Fisher was a mere 20 years old when the big hit movie came out. She had only appeared in one movie before that, Shampoo in 1975. After the success of Star Wars her face appeared everywhere: on lunch boxes, posters action figure dolls of Princess Leia. Her success brought her to into the Hollywood "in crowd", mingling with other big celebrities of the day such as Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi (who she ended up dating).
Princess Leia
Where are they now? The fame started her heading towards a downward spiral and she suffered from depression which eventually led to drugs abuse. She eventually got clean and started writing, penning a screenplay for a movie and wrote two books. She said she never wanted to be an actress and always felt writing was something she would be good at. Carrie Fisher married singer in 1983 and their troubled marriage did not last long. She also has a daughter Billie from an ex-lover. After Return of the Jedi Fisher has since appeared in movies such as When Harry Met Sally and Hannah and Her Sisters. Presently Carrie Fisher hosts Conversations from the Edge, and appears on the Oxygen cable channel.
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Joyce said:
March 29, 2011 1:38 PM
She is currently a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig.
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