Whatever Happened To: Charlie Sexton
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Charlie Sexton

Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: May 28, 2005
Last Updated: October 13, 2011
Charlie Sexton
Claim to fame: 1980's Music Star. Charlie's cd Pictures for Pleasure came out in 1985 making him a star. Hits from that cd were Beat's So Lonely, Pictures for Pleasure, Hold Me.
Charlie's next cds didn't do as well. In 1987 Charlie toured with David Bowie on his Glass Spider Tour. In 1988 Charlie went on to sing back up for his brother Will Sexton on his cd Will & The Kill.
Charlie Sexton
Where are they now? He joined the band Arc Angels in the early 1990's. In 1992 while with Arc Angels relased a cd called Arc Angels. The band later broke up.
He has appeared on the following soundtracks for such movies as Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), Air America (1990) and Thelma & Louise (1991). He has toured with Bob Dylan from June 5, 1999 - November 22, 2002 Charlie has appeared in the 1994 movie The Last Ride the title of movie has since been retitled F.T.W. He had a small part in the flim. He had small part in Bob Dylan 2003 movie Masked and Anonymous as a band member with no speaking lines. Charlie will also be appearing for the first time in a movie with his real life brother Will Sexton in the 2005 movie McCartney's Genes. Due out later this year. He has been producing a number of other artist cds over the last few years. Charlie and his wife had thier child in 2001
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Dinkpoint0 said:
March 14, 2011 6:19 PM
He has been producing some amazing albums for Edie Brickel. He also plays guitar in them
josh said:
December 11, 2012 1:47 PM
I saw him with Bob Dylan this fall and as far as I know he still is.
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