Whatever Happened To: He Likes It! Hey Mikey!
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Real Name:

John Gilchrest


He Likes It! Hey Mikey!

Category: Pop Culture
Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: April 12, 2001
Last Updated: November 15, 2014
He Likes It! Hey Mikey!
Claim to fame: John Gilchrest was the cute kid in the Life cereal commercial that had those chubby widdle cheeks everyone found more adorable than Hammy Hamster.

Jokes abound ("Didja hear that kid 'Hey Mikey!' died? Yeah, he lost his Life! arr arr arr")

There is also a variation of an urban legend that says he died after his stomache exploded from eating Pop Rocks while drinking Coke.
He Likes It! Hey Mikey!
Where are they now? ...he didn't. He was last seen working as a radio advertising executive in NYC.
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Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/12/2001
In 1994 he took over as independent counsel heading the Whitewater Investigation, and for four years hence was often seen on the evening news heading a caravan of mini-vans load...
Kenneth Starr
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/12/2001
That little runt on the show Lassy..(not the dog, the other one..."Timmy".)