Whatever Happened To: Joe The Plumber
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Joe Wurzelbacher


Joe The Plumber

Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: November 3, 2008
Last Updated: December 13, 2012
Joe The Plumber
Claim to fame: Please, give me a break already. I guess the only bright side to this media whorefest is the fact that in this "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" category, he really will be for all intents and purposes...gone TOMORROW.
Joe The Plumber
Where are they now? Maybe he'll hook up with Jessica Lynch and raise a family of 15-second blip babies. Who knows. Who cares. These synth-a-celebs created by blundering politocrats and a complicit media are getting overly idiotic.
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SWIGGY said:
January 10, 2009 5:45 AM
Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, now finished with campaigning for John McCain, is going a different route, reporting the news rather than being it.

Joe the Plumber says he is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for the conservative Web site
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