Whatever Happened To: Lance Kerwin
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Lance Kerwin

Category: Childhood Stars
Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: July 23, 2004
Last Updated: November 9, 2014
Lance Kerwin
Claim to fame: Popular and highly appealing child/juvenile actor in the 70s, Lance Kerwin is best known for his coming-of-age role in the TV series 'James at 15' and other folksy, down-home shows such as The Family Holvak.
Lance Kerwin
Where are they now? June 2000 - Lives on the LA drug and alcohol ranch called U-Turn For Christ with his 6 year old daughter, Savanah, and recently embarked on a missionary trip to Indonesia and The Phillipines.

Kerwin says he started smoking pot before age 10 and did crack in his 20s. He only became clean & sober in the 90s through his new-found religious beliefs.

May 2004 - Is an indoctrined new Priest/Minister.
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DMZvet said:
November 20, 2008 4:57 PM
Lance has started a U turn for Christ Ranch on the island of Kauai.
missy said:
June 21, 2010 12:28 PM
Kerwin and wife plead guilty to second degree theft as he works as pastor at U-turn for Christ of Calgary Church, Kauai. (Incidentally, Kerwin's wife was 16 years old when the two Christians were married; she is 21 years younger than he is).
unknown said:
July 27, 2010 6:52 PM
Former "James at 15" TV star sentenced on Kauai
By Associated Press

POSTED: 11:35 a.m. HST, Jul 27, 2010

LIHUE >> Former child TV star Lance Kerwin has been placed on five years probation, given credit for 90 days served and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service.

Kerwin, who played the title role in "James at 15" on NBC in the 1977-78 season, was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to second-degree theft.

Kauai County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Lauren McDowell says Kerwin, 49, was caught falsifying documents to obtain state medical assistance and food stamps.

Defense attorney Craig De Costa says when Kerwin applied for the benefits, he omitted in the application that he owned three properties in the mainland.

Kerwin says he has already paid $21,822 in restitution.
ebee said:
November 15, 2013 4:57 AM
The supposed pic of Lance is actually actor David Soul and who played Hutch in Starsky and Hutch back in the 70's
dan meyers said:
January 20, 2014 5:16 PM
thats NOT lance kerwin....that pic is DAVID SOUL. what a worthless piece of journalism that now, cannot be trusted.
Jeff said:
February 10, 2014 6:12 AM
David Soul and Kerwin were both in Salem's Lot. That is where the photo must be from
Sighting said:
August 18, 2014 10:34 PM
He is selling Diamond timeshares on Kauai...he showed one to me yesterday!
Jon t said:
December 22, 2017 8:14 AM
I was at u turn with him in California. Seemed like an ok guy. There are easier places to get sober. I have mixed feelings about the program. I learned a lot about the bible and myself but making people dig holes at midnight for smoking or swearing was a bit much.
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