Whatever Happened To: Monica Lewinsky
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Monica Lewinsky

Category: Sex and Scandal
Submitted By: stuntpope
Posted Date: April 12, 2001
Last Updated: November 15, 2014
Monica Lewinsky
Claim to fame: Monica Lewinsky had a torrid affair with a sitting president. First he denied it, then he admitted it. Except even though she performed fellatio on him, it wasn't sex, apparently.
Monica Lewinsky
Where are they now? You actually care? Well she slings her biography "Monica's Story" (see books about right hand sidebar...) and become a spokeswoman for diet company Jenny Craig

In April, 2003 she hosted of the "reality" series Mr. Personality.

Reader Mimi Adams reports that in December 2003 her application to be reimbursed $1.1 Million in her legal fees for the Starr inquiry by the American taxpayer was denied (however the taxpayer will foot the bill for Linda Tripp's lawsuit settlement).
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Deanna said:
March 6, 2007 11:50 PM
In late 2006 Monica Lewinsky graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters of Science in Social Psychology.
cla said:
December 13, 2014 10:53 PM
Monica I hope you are out of the limelight and doing the most good for our country instead of trying to make a name for yourself!
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Submitted by: stuntpope  - 03/27/2001
"U can't touch this", and few could. The song topped charts in 1990 and earned an estimated $30 million. At the top of the ride Hammer had a $12 million dollar mansion in Fremon...
M.C. Hammer
Linda Tripp
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/12/2001
Linda Tripp is a former White House secretary who came to epitomize the self-righteous tattle-tale, threw herself into the middle of the Clinton investigation by secretly taping...