Whatever Happened To: Rider Strong
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Rider Strong

Category: Childhood Stars
Submitted By: Daniela
Posted Date: August 12, 2013
Last Updated: August 21, 2013
Rider Strong
Claim to fame: That hair, and that smile melted tween girls hearts everywhere 'Boy Meets World' aired. The 90's sitcom made Rider Strong into a teen star; he played the protagonist best friend, Sean Hunter. During the seven year run he was nominated twice for the Young Artist Award and nominated for a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award.
Rider Strong
Where are they now? Just like Sean, Rider moved to New York City to attend Columbia University as an English major, he graduated magna cum laude in 2004. Rider has turned his attention towards screenwriting and directing though he is set to return to acting in a guest spot on the upcoming 'Girl Meet World' which will be a spinoff of the original series.
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