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The Online Compendium of 'What Ever Happened To?' and 'Where Are They Now?'

Ever Wonder What Happened To…


Eddie The Eagle? The chick who shot Andy Warhol? That ‘Mikey’ kid from the Life Cereal commercial?

Well you’ve come to the right place, this is where we track the famous and the infamous from days gone by, from music, movie and sport stars to mischief makers and miscreants of every stripe.
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 05/02/2004
Film star of yesteryear, starred in the original Brewster's Millions as well as Butcher Boy, working for Buster Keatonas well as writing some of his own scripts and later direct...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/11/2004
World wide acclaim as a band with great songs, harmonies and featuring Australia's pop music icons Glenn Shorock, Beeb Birtles and Graeme Goble. Hits include Help is on its way,...
Submitted by: Daniela  - 08/20/2013
Nellie Oleson is the self proclaimed prairie bitch. Well okay, it was actually Alison Arngrim the girl who portrayed Nellie that coined the term, but regardless the description ...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/25/2005
Tiny and buxom with long,blonde hair falling provacatively over her right eye, young Veronica gained instant notoriety as the girl with the "peek-a-boo" bang. Starring in films ...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 08/14/2005
First male supermodel for Calvin Klein and played JD on Baywatch. Huge success as a male model for many designers in the 1990's. Famed photographer, John Falocco, was the first ...
Submitted by: Daniela  - 08/12/2013
The terrifying but adorable Wednesday Addams, played by Lisa Loring in the, 'The Addams Family' is a role that will be remembered for many years to come.
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 01/18/2004
One half of the X-Files wonder duo, playing Agent Dana Scully alongside David Duchovny's character Fox Mulder.
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 01/30/2007
Referred to as the Godfather of Fitness, Jack LaLanne has been touting the benefits of exercise and nutrition since 1936, when he opened the nations first health studio in Oakla...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 06/19/2003
Secret agent Maxwell Smart of "Get Smart" fame, the man who popularized the shoe phone and never ending foe to the agents of KAOS.
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 08/07/2005
Played the enignmatic Viking chieftain and hero, Buliwyf [Beowolf], in The 13th Warrior which also featured Antonio Banderas. After The 13th Warrior, he appeared in some B movie...
Submitted by: Caro  - 01/31/2016
Jaimee Foxworth starred as Judy Winslow - the youngest of Winslow's three children - on Family Matters for four seasons, before being written off the show.
Submitted by: Weiser  - 06/25/2013
Sirtis started her career as a member of the repertory company at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing, West Sussex in 1976. Directed by Nic Young, she appeared in Joe Orton's What t...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 10/13/2003
An Italian who emigrated to Australia and released the novelty song Shaddap You Face in 1980, which is the current standing record for the most successful Australian song releas...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 05/19/2005
As Ricky Stevens he played the kid next door in the final season of the Partridge Family.
Submitted by: Caro  - 01/01/2016
Dustin Diamond played Screech on the early 90's hit series, Saved by the Bell.
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 06/26/2007
Audrey is probably best known for her role as Afton Cooper in Dallas and as Val in the motion picture A Chorus Line, while Judy is remembered from her roles in B.J. and the Bear...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 08/15/2004
Chicago Bears running back whose story was immortalized in the movie Brian's Song. He and Brian Piccolo were the first NFL players to put aside the racial barriers and room to...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/21/2001
From 1975 to 1979, he was Arnold Horshack on the highly popular sit-com Welcome Back, Kotter. "I was doing New York theatre when I was asked to audition for Horshack. My agent s...
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/12/2001
Lisa Whelchel is best know as the snooty rich chick Blair Warner on "Facts of Life".
Submitted by: stuntpope  - 04/24/2001
During his television heyday, Willie Aames was the poster boy for high Hollywood living. From drugs ("It was everything: Quaaludes, mushrooms, cocaine, pot, alcohol, black beaut...
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