Whatever Happened To: Tina Wesson
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Tina Wesson

Category: Reality Shows
Submitted By: Daniela
Posted Date: August 26, 2013
Last Updated: August 26, 2013
Tina Wesson
Claim to fame: A personal nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, Wesson outlasted 15 other players to become the first woman to win the $1 million prize in ,'Survivor: The Australian Outback'. Her combination of "mental acumen, physical stamina and Southern charm" helped Wessen cinch the prize in the second season. Entertainment Weekly described her as, "about as threatening as June Cleaver holding out a plate of warm cookies." In, 'Survivor: All Stars' she immediately targeted and thus quickly eliminated.
Tina Wesson
Where are they now? Wesson became a spokeswoman for the National Arthritis Foundation and wrote a memoir, "Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love."
Wesson will compete on the show's 27th season, Blood vs. Water, alongside her daughter Katie.
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Ed said:
December 28, 2013 3:47 PM
Tina Wesson now lives in Robbinsville, NC and is a motivational speaker
Ed said:
December 28, 2013 3:48 PM
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Submitted by: Daniela  - 08/26/2013
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